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Orange Little League only succeeds because of the generosity of the parents and families who give their time, creative talent and resources.

The OLL Board is just a group of parents who have committed themselves to create and maintain a safe space for kids in Orange to play baseball. If you are interested in joining us, in any capacity, please contact a board member and say "I want to help make OLL the best it could be". If you really have a passion and drive we will find you a place to help out.

At the beginning of the 2019 season, OLL needs the following types of volunteers.

Board Positions:

  • Player Agent (see this page for Little Leagues description of a Player Agent.)
  • Coach Development (Develop great coaches. Communication between board & coaches)
  • Understudy Treasurer (best if a CPA.  Work with Renee to learn OLL financial management.)
  • Secretary (Manage OLL documentation: meeting minutes, ballots, etc.)

Auxiliary Positions (not necessarily on the board):

  • Head Scorekeeper (Develope great scorekeepers.  Manage official scorebooks. Train scorekeepers)
  • Special Events Planner (Plan opening ceremonies, Angel day, family picnic, closing ceremonies, All-Star banquet, other events?)
  • Communication Translator (Translate email & website information from English to Spanish.)
  • Snack Bar Purchaser x2 (Go to Smart & Final with the S.B. shopping list, and come back with S.B. inventory.)

Please contact the OLL president, , if you are interested in any of these jobs.