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Important:  Label all of your Player's equipment with your Player's initials or last name

  • Water Bottle (water is preferred; sports drinks are OK)
  • Orange Little League sweatshirt (after practice or game)
  • Orange Little League baseball hat (team hat provided by League by end of February)
  • Baseball Glove (fit to hand, not over-sized)
  • Athletic Clothes (T-shirt and baseball pants are preferred; no shorts or jeans)
  • Athletic Supporter and Protective Cup (highly recommended for any position in any division but required if playing Catcher in any division.  Suggestion:  Start wearing at a younger age so that it is comfortable at an older age.
  • Baseball Plastic Cleats (double knotting the laces is preferred; no soccer cleats or metal spikes except in Juniors)
  • Equipment bag
  • Baseball bat
  • Optional - helmet (provided by League for use during season)
  • Optional - batting glove


This year the League will not be approving bats.  It is not a National requirement and becomes to time consuming.  Thus, stickers will no longer be required on bats.  The onus of ensuring that Players have the correct bat will fall upon the Managers and Coaches.  With that being said, violations of illegal bats can be found in section 6.6(d) which states that the first offense will cause the batter to be out (for that batting turn) and the lose of a base Coach (for the whole game).  The second offense will cause the Manager to be ejected from the game.

Little League National has done a pretty good job with providing information on illegal and approved bats.  They have a mobile download app where you select the manufacturer and they will tell you if you can use the bat or not.

Here are links from Little League International regarding Bats



The Orange Little League board will ispect the fields before games to determine if the fields are open or closed due to rain. We will inform teams, managers, coaches, and families if games are canceled due to rain. If you are not sure if a game is canceled due to rain it is most likely not canceled. We will blast out emails if games are canceled. If we do not blast out an email, games are not canceled.