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Welcome to the OLL Snack Bar Information Page

The Orange Little League (OLL) snack bar helps all OLL families. The income it generates each season keeps registration costs down, pays for supplies and activities, and helps the league meet its budget.

OLL is Looking for Snack Bar Buyout Volunteers

This year, Orange Little League had every OLL player buy out of their snack bar shifts as part of registration. As a result, the OLL snack bar coordinator, in addition to all his/her other responsibilities, is responsible for finding, vetting and scheduling snack bar buyout volunteers.

Snack Bar Buyout Qualifications

Buyout Volunteers are between the age of 16 and 22.

Buyout volunteers will work in the snack bar on weeknights after four PM, and Saturdays, for three to five hour shifts.

As part of the finding and vetting procedure the snack bar coordinator has created a form for buyout volunteers to provide information the snack bar coordinator will use to communicate with, and schedule the buyout volunteers. This form collects things like contact information, preferred schedule information, emergency contact information, etc., for the coordinator.

The buyout volunteers are also expected to set the example of excellent customer service at the snack bar. This means the buyout volunteers must arrive an hour before games start to prep the snack bar and be prepared to service customers who wish to buy items before their games begin. Also, cell phones are allowed in the snack bar, but texting and other cell phone use must not interfere with customer service.

Buyout Honorarium

The families who have bought out have provided an “honorarium” to the OLL snack bar coordinator. The the snack bar coordinator estimated the amount of the honorarium based on the projected number of registrations for 2014 and the number of shifts needed to operate the snack bar. This estimate also included shifts during tournament games at the OLL fields.

The honorarium amount is $8 per hour of the volunteer’s shift.

Become a Snack Bar Buyout Volunteer

Potential snack bar buyout volunteers must coordinate a meeting with the snack bar coordinator.  Please fill out, and sign the two forms and one waiver below and bring it to the OLL snack bar if you are interested in being a OLL snack bar buyout volunteer.

All snack bar buyout volunteers will receive training. The training will include:

  • snack bar open and close procedures
  • snack bar appliance usage and maintenance
  • cash register operation
  • communicating with the snack bar coordinator or other appropriate OLL board member any abnormal situations

The snack bar coordinator will work with the snack bar buyout volunteers to schedule the training session.

Snack Bar Buyout Volunteer Application Forms

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a OLL Snack Bar Buyout Volunteer please print out and fill out the following four documents, and bring them to one of the three dates listed above.

Snack Bar Buyout Volunteer Basic Information
A basic description of the Buyout Volunteer. Very similar to the information on this page, but in a handy printable format.
Snack Bar Buyout Volunteer Information Collection Form
A form for the volunteer to provide contact information, emergency contact information, scheduling preferences and other information.
The Little League International Volunteer Form
A form Little League International requires all volunteer to fill out.  Please be sure to fill out the references portion of this form.  As one of the references please include someone from the family of a current 2016 OLL player.  Preferably the person who informed you of the Buyout Volunteer positon.
The Snack-Bar Buyout Volunteer Waiver and Release of Liability
A Waiver and Release of Liability form.